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Enhancing $FAIR Value Through Deflationary Staking

Welcome to FairStaking, a pivotal feature of the 0xFair Lab ecosystem designed not only to reward $FAIR token holders but also to amplify the deflationary nature of the $FAIR token. By staking $FAIR tokens, participants actively contribute to reducing the overall token supply while receiving tokens directly purchased from the market, fostering a sustainable and valuable ecosystem for all.

Deflationary Staking Explained

At the core of FairStaking lies a unique deflationary mechanism that sets it apart from traditional staking protocols. Here's how it strengthens the $FAIR token's value:

Market Buybacks for Rewards

Unlike conventional staking rewards issued from a pre-existing pool, FairStaking rewards are freshly acquired $FAIR tokens bought back from the market. This innovative approach ensures that staking rewards come from new funds injected into the ecosystem, directly benefiting stakers by increasing demand and reducing the circulating supply of $FAIR tokens.

Burning Mechanism

To further accentuate the deflationary impact, 5% of all $FAIR tokens bought back through the staking contract are permanently burned. This burn mechanism systematically reduces the total supply of $FAIR tokens over time, enhancing their scarcity.

Dyamic APY

Our staking APY is dynamically calculated and increases with the time you stake and number of tokens you stake. It can change multiple times per day. You can get an APY bonus when you lock your tokens for longer.

APY is also dependent on total number of tokens staked by users and total number of rewards. APY will increase at times when there are more tax funds flowing into the staking contract.

Staking Periods and Enhanced Rewards

FairStaking offers flexible staking periods with additional bonuses to cater to diverse investor preferences, each designed to optimize the deflationary impact and reward commitment:

  • 7 Days: This minimum staking duration allows for participation without bonuses, providing a baseline reward.

  • 30 Days: Choosing a 30-day lock-up period rewards stakers with a 50% bonus, directly incentivizing longer-term holding.

  • 90 Days: For the utmost commitment, a 90-day staking period grants a substantial 100% reward bonus, maximizing the deflationary effect and reward potential.

It's important to note that while $FAIR tokens are locked during the staking period, the rewards, sourced from market buybacks, can be withdrawn at any time, offering liquidity and flexibility to participants.

At any point in time you can stake more $FAIR tokens. This will automatically claim any outstanding rewards and restart your stake at the given moment. You can also extend the lock period and thus your reward bonus in the process if you so desire.

How to Participate in FairStaking

To join FairStaking and start benefiting from its deflationary rewards, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Staking section within the 0xFair Lab dApp.

  2. Connect your web3 wallet that holds $FAIR tokens.

  3. Select the amount of $FAIR tokens you wish to stake and choose your lock-up period.

  4. Confirm the transaction to begin staking your tokens.

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